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About Us


To be the center of expertise in healthcare quality and ethics with high patient satisfaction in 2022


1. Provide highest quality, comprehensive treatments, rehabilitation and preventative care services at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels and at the same time respecting each person’s dignity and cultural traditions.
2. To produce doctors, medical residents, medical staff and public health service personnel to serve society.

Strategic Issue

1. Health promotion and disease prevention (Prevention and Promotion Excellence Strategy) by involving all relevant sectors.
2. Development of excellent, high quality medical and health services (Service Excellence)
3. Development of human resources management to ensure that there is sufficient manpower and to produce qualified medical personnel. (People Excellence)
4. Development of good governance in health systems (Governance Excellence)


1. People of all age groups to have good quality of life and receive health promotion services to prevent illnesses and have good health.
2. The hospital has good infrastructure and quality health care environment management.
3. The public has good access to health services and receive quality health care.
4. The hospital has sufficient personnel to deal with the workload.
5. The staff are healthy, happy and competent.
6. Medical residents and medical personnel are knowledgeable and ethical.
7. The hospital has a system in place for good governance.
8. The hospital has an effective IT system providing efficient service to users.
9. The hospital should be a in a strong financial position for continuous quality development.

Challenges for 2018

• To overcome hospital financial crisis and lawsuits (the hospital is secured).
• 2 P Safety (Patient and Personnel Safety)
• Excellence Centers (Fast Track Trauma,Cardio, Newborn)
• Overcome manpower crisis

Core Value “MOPH”

M: Mastery – Be your own boss
O: Originality – Create new things
P: People Center – Be caring to people
H: Humility – Be humble and respectful

Update 23 November 2017

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